Watch Data

Pink gold, silver, diamonds Watch no. 29425




18?? - Haas Neveux, Geneva

2017 - Dr Crott, 18 Nov 2017, est EUR 2,500-4,000, "Haas Neveux & Co., Genève, Case No. 29425, 24 mm, 16 g, circa 1910 Haas Neveux & Co., Genève, Case No. 29425, 24 mm, 16 g, circa 1910 A lady's magnificent pendant watch studded with diamonds and peridot Case: 18k rose gold, silver, diamonds, peridot. Dial: enamel. Movm.: bridge movement, Geneva quality hallmark, gold screw compensation balance. A select piece of jewellery, where the back, the band, the pendant, the bow, the crown and the bezel are all-over studded with brilliant- and rose-cut diamonds. 15 brilliant-cut diamonds with a large diamond in the centre sit on the case back to form a star-shaped petal that is framed by 50 peridots set in a silver wire frame. In 1848 the brothers Leopold (1827-1915) and Benjamin (1828-1925) Haas, both knights of the Légion d'honneur, founded the ANCIENNE MANUFACTURE DES MONTRES HAAS & CIE in Geneva. The company excelled in unique and exceptional pieces and achieved its reputation with exquisite watches that pass for modern even today. Rare treasures such as the split second chronograph and beautifully wrought pocket and wristwatches were created in accordance with the manufacturer's fundamental motto of simplicity, technique and elegance. 1884 Haas changed their name to Haas Neveux & Cie , to communicate that new family members had taken positions in the company. At the same time the original logo of B.H. & Co. (for Benjamin Haas & Co) was changed to a small running hare and the letters HNC in an oval shape - representing the dynamic attitude of the company. "

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